Tropical Grasses

Tropically adapted grasses come in a wide range of species adapted to varying conditions. Many of the summer crops grown today are annual tropical grasses. Perennial tropical grasses offer the same benefits in terms of growth response to moisture and temperature and dry matter production.

Selected Seeds’ breeding program in tropical grasses has brought to the market cultivars such as Bisset,Medway and Dawson. Our ongoing research program is focused on adding to the profitability andproduction capabilities of tropical grasses.

Selected Seeds also offers coating and blending of tropical grasses and legumes to meet the individuals forage needs.


Bisset creeping bluegrass is a late flowering, long season cultivar. It is suited to a wide range of soil types and regions. Bisset is a proven performing forage grass that even retains its palatability after frost. Ideal for conserving to fill the autumn/winter feed gap. Bisset bluegrass is ideal when mixed with Rhodes grass.



A standout in heavy country, Bambatsi Panic is tussocky, high yielding and palatable. It has good drought tolerance and will tolerate waterlogging. Great for melon hole country and
heavy clay soil.



Another heavy soil standout, Floren bluegrass is a highly palatable, tussocky grass. It loves flooding and has good drought tolerance.



A well known grass, Gatton Panic is a tussocky, very palatable grass suited to well drained, fertile soils.



Premier Digitaria is a tussocky, very persistent drought tolerant cultivar. It tolerates fire and grows well into autumn. 



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