Perennial Legumes

Legumes are very popular for their ability to fix nitrogen out of the atmosphere.

Legumes come in both temperately adapted and tropically adapted species. Selection of suitable legumes is best targeted to the production system, climate and soil physical and chemical characteristics.

Legumes can be grown in pure swards, mixed with grasses or annual crops to enhance production.

Legumes will have different growth habits to grasses. Careful management is needed to maintain legume populations over longer time periods.

Aztec Atro

A rust resistant Siratro. Typical yields are 25% higher than Sirato with vigorous twining and high levels of seed. Aztec Atro provides fantastic dry matter with excellent plant regeneration . Suited to the 750+mm rainfall zone.


Alfacut Lucerne

Lucerne is one of the most cultivated fodders in the world. Alfacut has a dormancy rating of 9, maximising winter production.



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